Erasmus+ Project ‘Inclusion Through a Healthy Mind and Body’, IHMB, it’s already a reality. SPAIN, SWEDEN, POLAND and GERMANY working together during two school years pursuing the same goals, sharing good practices and creating lifelong links between students of different points of Europe.

Our project comes from the team work of four teachers from different countries (Sweden, Poland, Germany and Spain) during the Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) held in Malaga in November 2016. The idea of addressing the problems related to our two horizontal priorities (social inclusion and early school leaving) through sport, healthy habits and activities in the natural environment arose in us. Introducing new habits in our students, we will be able to achieve our goals following and indirect way.
The project is then structured around the celebration of four Olympic events, corresponding to the 4 short-term exchanges. These are: Erasmus+ IHMB Olympic Games